Building Simple and Easy applications that help in terms of productivity.

Focus on business analysis that aim to eliminate redundant process or function on system, so that productivity can be achieved. With productivity, our client can use more resources in revenue generating activities like sales and marketing.

Reasonable Price: We aim to charge at reasonable price that our client can afford, as we believe the cost of system should not be higher than the benefit it bring.

Retain Competitive advantage: We believe every business will have their competitive advantages and we aim to build on it and turn it into system function.

Team: In SIMPSY, teamwork is crucial. With business analyst and IT engineer working hand in hand to deliver value to client in terms of productivity.

Customer support: We promise our client with full technical support. By providing full technical support, then only will the system in place provide the benefit that it should.


SIMPSY Basic -

Aim to provide basic development of bespoke application

SIMPSY Booking -

Provide facility management for booking

SIMPSY Voice -

Break barrier of international calling and roaming charges, also provide a way to track offshore agents with recordings.